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High Quality Complete Solar Power Systems | Servicing Hilton and the surrounding areas.

Why Choose SOLAHAUS?

We offer high quality, European manufactured solar panels, inverters and complete solar power systems.

Our systems provide optimum performance that save you money and insulate you from ever-increasing electricity bills.

You can have peace of mind on the cost-effectiveness of your Solahaus system.

We guarantee our products and rely on repeat business through referals from satisfied clients.

Our installations are carried out to the highest safety standards.

Our range of solar components guarantee your system will be producing energy for many years. We install the world's leading brands, including Bosch and SMA.

All our panels come with a 25-year warranty.

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Solahaus Difference

When you choose Solahaus, you're dealing with real people, with real ideals.

We believe in high quality solar panels, and the excellence of every level of the solar power system's design and installation.

We are a locally based, completely Western Australian owned and operated solar power specialist with a focus on quality and doing the job right first. At Solahaus, we pride ourselves on practical solutions to meet your future solar energy needs that will stand the test of time, focusing on quality , durable products and customer service.

As part of the local community our reputation is important to us.

Solar Panel Guide Solar Power is light or heat that comes from the sun. When this light or heat shines on solar panels, it generates electricity. Systems that turn sunlight into electricity are called Photovoltaic Systems

Photovoltaic cells are often referred to as PV cells or solar cells. All solar cells are cut from silicon and convert the sun's energy into usable electricity. It is clean, pollution free and inexhaustible.

Solar Panel Types
A solar panel is a series of individual solar cells connected together. Each cell is typically made from silicone which turns UV light into electricity. The most commonly used panels in Australia are mono-crystalline panels.

Solahaus use only the most trusted inverters in the world that are the best available on the market. Solahaus' European inverters ensure your system performs to its maximum effieiciency.

Our Solar Products
We use reliable, quality, European made Solar Panels and Systems that will save you money and go the distance.

- Solar Panels by Solarworld and QY
- Inverters by SMA and JFY
- Imported Racking Systems by Radiant

Solahaus are experienced in selecting the best solar components to maximise the return you get from your solar system by ensuring optimum output. Give us a call today on 0411 074 197 for a FREE QUOTE.


SMA Solar


Products & Services

Residential Solar Power

Thinking of installing Solar Power System?

Solahaus will provide you with a free on-site assessment of your solar system requirements, energy use and the most efficient ways to synchronise the output of your system with your household energy needs.

Call free on-site assessment of your solar system requirements.

Commercial solar power

Solar Power System for your business?

Solahaus provide quality commercial solar panels and solar power systems.

Our systems are made from top quality European components that ensure optimum energy output for a minimum 25 years.

Off Grid Solar Power
Off Grid Solar

If you live in an area that is not serviced by an electricity grid, then getting access to power can be very expensive.

An Off-Grid Solar Power System from Solahaus brings an unlimited, independent, free source of power from the sun that will be reliable for years!

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